Technical Courses

Choosing Scubadomain training means you`re only satisfied with the very best. Our courses are internationally certified and accredited.Courses are presented in Private classes, Group classrooms or eLearning format.

Scubadomain Introduction to Technical Diving

Introduction to Technical Diving

Technical Course

This course introduces divers to the rigors and discipline of technical diving, this is a preparatory course if you are considering technical training, such as cave, decompression diving and Trimix.

Scubadomain Decompression Diver

Decompression Diver

Technical Course

This course provides you with the theory, methods, and procedures of planned staged decompression diving while using optimal breathing gas mixtures at depths.

Scubadomain Drysuit Diver

Drysuit Diver

Technical Course

While dry suits were once used almost exclusively for situations such as ice diving or deep wreck diving, many divers are now using dry suits regularly for everyday diving.

Scubadomain Sidemount Diver

Sidemount Diver

Technical Course

If you are considering technical training, such as cave diving; sidemount gear configuration offers an alternative to the traditional back mounted scuba cylinder(s) configuration.

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