Speciality Courses

Choosing Scubadomain training means you’re only satisfied with the very best, our courses are internationally certified and accredited.Courses are presented in Private classes, Group classrooms or eLearning format.

Scubadomain Deep Diver

Deep Diver

Speciality Course

Does the depth of the ocean fascinate you? Gain the knowledge and skills to plan and make enjoyable deep dives while minimizing the risks of deep diving.

Scubadomain Digital Imaging Diver

Digital Imaging Diver

Speciality Course

Underwater Photographer or Videographer course will allow you to take home more than just sea stories to share with your friends and family!

Scubadomain Drysuit Diver

Drysuit Diver

Recreational Course

While dry suits were once used almost exclusively for situations such as ice diving or deep wreck diving, many divers are now using dry suits regularly for everyday diving.

Scubadomain Night And Low Vizibility Diver

Night and Limited Visibility Diver

Speciality Course

At night the reef comes alive as many of the daylight inhabitants retreat to the safety of dens and ledges while nocturnal creatures take over the reef during the night.

Scubadomain Search And Recover

Search and Recovery Diver

Speciality Course

Search and recover lost treasures underwater. Skills and knowledge like search patterns, underwater navigation are essential skills that you will require to find the lost city of Atlantis.

Scubadomain Wreck Diving Esternal Survey

Wreck Diving (External Survey)

Speciality Course

Hear the calling of the deep and start exploring sunken vessels, aircraft, and other amazing wrecks in the underwater world that was lost in historical events.

Scubadomain Ice Diver

Ice Diver

Speciality Course

If the spirit of adventure and unusual, challenging diving appeals to you, try diving under the ice. One of the most adventurous scuba specialties done in a serene and beautiful environment.

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